Get a Computer Support Plan


Commercial or Residential 


 A Keck Computer Support plan provides you with an affordable and predictable cost for computer care.


Our computer support plans provide you with access to expert support staff when you need it.  All U.S Based english speaking technicians can help you with most any problem 

Get the help when you need with a Keck Computer Support Plan. For Only  $14.95 Per month per computer


Includes the following: 



Antivirus Software  By EmsiSoft


We Monitor For the Following:

  • Hard Drive failure
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Device Problems
  • Low Disk Space
  • Firewall Status


  • Windows Updates
  • 3rd Part Updates (Java,Flash Ect..)


 1 Free Remote Support Session per month for thing like:

  • Training/Tutoring
  • Hardware Installation
  • Virus Removal

Unlimited Inshop Computer Repair (Just Pay for Parts)


 We will setup a cloud based 3rd party  backup of up to 15GB  for Documents,Pictures and More (other sizes  upto 1TB available at addition cost)

 What Do You Get with Your Plan?

  • Have trouble setting up your device? We'll help.
  • Have a virus? We'll remove it.
  • Device running slow? We'll fix it.
  • To keep your device running its best, we'll tune it up.

Complete Features

 This plan gives you unlimited access to online and in-store service from expertly trained Agents.

  • Premium Internet Security Software at No Extra Charge(block viruses and spyware, and identify unsafe links and search results).
  • Unlimited Virus Removals
  • Unlimited Computer Tune-Ups
  • Operating System, Software and Hardware Installation
  • Discounts available for in home repair (we can send a technician out!)